3 Legal Pages Your Blog Needs

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Is your online business or blog legally protected?

If you have an online business or blog, then you’ve probably heard how important the legal pages on your website are. And while you’ve heard of their importance, you still haven’t managed to get to the legal stuff –because well, you’re a busy (and let’s be honest…the legal stuff can be confusing and boring ?). You also figured downloading free legal templates would suffice (ya know, so you can avoid the paying those expensive lawyer fees), but after doing your research, realize they’re deficient because they haven’t actually been drafted by a real attorney…talk about a headache *facepalm*.

Easily avoid lawsuits and protect your business

Fortunately, there are a couple easy and affordable ways to protect your business that you might not know about. Read on to discover which documents are legally required for your online business or blog (and the best ways to get them!) –so you can avoid lawsuits in the long run and have the peace of mind to focus on doing what you love. Trust me, better to be safe than sorry!

1.    Private Policy

Collecting email addresses or information from your website visitors? Then, you’ll need a Private Policy. A Private Policy is required by law to inform users of your website how you collect and use their information. This page is mandatory because you’re gaining access to people’s personal information –which legally, they have every right to know how you’re using it! Every blog and online business will need this page to protect themselves from lawsuits and legal liability. I use this Private Policy Template because it’s drafted by a real lawyer, is easily customizable (just fill out 5 blank fields!), and a fraction of the cost from others I’ve seen. It also comes with 3 Bonus Templates (a $400 value!), which are required for most businesses, as well:

  • A Cookie Policy
  • GDPR Visitor Rights Policy
  • GDPR Compliance/Email Marketing Policy

To learn more about the importance of obtaining a Private Policy, check out what Amira, real-life business lawyer and blogger from ASelfGuru has to say

2.    Disclaimer

A Disclaimer statement is just as important as a Private Policy because it informs your visitors that everything you publish on your website is for educational or informational purposes, only. The last thing you want on your hands is a nasty lawsuit because someone relied on your information to get the same results for something as you did. Perhaps you’re a blogger or coach that has numerous affiliate relationships, where you earn commissions once someone clicks through your third-party links? Then that will need to be stated on your Disclaimer page, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Since I have numerous affiliate partnerships myself, I knew I’d need the Disclaimer Template –which again, took me a few minutes to fill out because of the custom blank fields and easy download. This too, includes 3 Bonus Policies (a $225 value!), which are applicable for most bloggers:

  • An Earnings Disclaimer
  • Testimonials and Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts Disclaimer

To learn more about the importance of obtaining a Disclaimer for your online business, check out what the expert business lawyer and blogger, Amira has to say

3.    Terms and Conditions

Your Terms and Conditions (aka, Terms of Use or Terms of Service) serve as a legal contract between you and your website visitors. It protects how people use your website and discloses what you will and will not permit from your visitors, as well as your right to terminate anyone’s use of your website at your sole discretion. A Terms and Conditions page will also lay out your intellectual property rights and protect your web content from copyright infringement and other legal disputes. In addition, this document encompasses everything you state in your Private Policy and Disclaimer in a legal agreement for anyone that uses or purchases anything from your site. With that said, you’ll want to state any any refund and/or exchange policies you have in place, and how you’d handle any legal disputes, should they arise.

Considering I spend a majority of my time creating content, I wanted to make sure I was legally covered. This Terms and Conditions Template gave me peace of mind knowing my work and website is protected –not to mention, at such an affordable cost! Oh, and surprise –you also get 3 Bonuses with this one, too (a $550 value!):

  • Lawful Use of Your Website Clause
  • Third-Party Links Disclaimer
  • Mandatory Arbitration Clause

To learn more about the importance of obtaining a Terms and Conditions page, see what our legal pro has to say

Fully protect your online business or blog with all three pages

If you want to ensure your online business or blog is fully protected (and get the biggest bang for your buck), then I’d highly suggest obtaining all 3 legal pages. Since I have big plans for my business in the near future, I decided Amira’s Legal Bundle was the best option because it includes all 3 templates at a discounted rate (over 20% off per template!), then if you were to buy them each individually. Oh yeah, you’ll also receive all the Bonus Policies mentioned above on top of that –so 9 Bonuses (a $1175 value!) for free, when you purchase the Legal Bundle

Give yourself peace of mind with these customizable templates, which are drafted by an experienced lawyer, with the comprehensive legal protection your business and blog needs. Not sure all 3 are necessary? Read here why the Legal Bundle is the­­­ best-selling and only bundle of legal templates chosen amongst hundreds of businesses and bloggers each year.

So, there you have it! 3 legal pages your blog needs to avoid any lawsuits or legal disputes in the long run –and as a fellow blogger myself, I’ve actually noticed those thoughts of, “am I doing this right?” or “am I allowed to do this?” slowly disappear, so I can finally rest easy knowing I am! ?

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3 legal pages your blog and website needs
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