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Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

Why outsource your marketing versus hiring someone in-house, you ask? Well… let’s dive in and find out!


I put this as number one, because well –who are we kidding? We’re all trying to save money over here! With a consultant, you’ll only pay them based on the project or time-frame you need them for. So, forget paying a full-time salary, overhead costs, benefits, and training –pay someone solely for the work you need done!


Unlike an in-house marketing employee, a consultant will typically have an area of expertise that you would seek them out for. Looking to switch up your social media strategy or to up your SEO game? There’s an expert for that.


Typically, it takes an in-house employee about 6 months to get up to speed with a new job. A consultant? The matter of days! Sure, if you outsource, you’ll have to familiarize them with the company specifics –but the job, they already know. No training required!


Since training isn’t required, consultants tend to be 100% productive from the get-go. They’re used to jumping into projects rather quickly and require little hand-holding or guidance. Have an urgent project with no time for your lengthy onboarding ritual? Then, you can expect your consultant to turn it around in no time!


The money you invest in your contractor is tax-deductible for your business –score!


A marketing consultant has a fresh outside perspective, which can be quite refreshing when you’re strategizing your marketing goals. Additionally, a third-party will analyze things differently (which will benefit you!) because they’ll be more objective to what’s working and what’s not and aren’t personally vested in your company.


Consultants are used to working with clients on both long-term and short-term projects. Not looking for a full-time Marketing Manager and just want someone for about 5 hours a week? Then a freelancer is your best bet!


Hiring someone in-house is usually a long drawn out process. From the paperwork, tax forms, payroll and benefits, to the maternity leave, vacation time, turnaround, and lunch-and-learns –what a headache! Makes a consultant sound really good, now doesn’t it?

Well, I hope this helps break down the awesome benefits you’d receive working with a marketing consultant, as we can oftentimes be misunderstood! Still feeling skeptical to outsource your marketing? Then, let’s connect –I’d love to chat possibilities with you!

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Here are some of the best reasons to outsource your marketing with a professional marketing consultant.

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