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I’m Shauna, and I’m a content marketing nerd, food blogger, and a hospitality pro since I was fifteen. After getting my degree in Culinary Arts and working nearly 10 years in various restaurants and bakeries (and at one of the country’s biggest grocery stores, I might add 😉), I expanded my horizons to pursue an education and career in digital marketing.

After spending a few years on the agency and corporate side, I found my passion for consulting small businesses and later launched my marketing business in 2018. Fast forward past a global pandemic, planning a wedding (twice!), a new baby, and lot’s of time to think – and I’m back with a whole new concept: where I combine my excitement for food and marketing, by blogging about my kitchen adventures while helping other foodies grow a business along the way!

Here at SC.com, we help professionals in the food and beverage space reach their dream customers and earn repeat business through the power of content marketing. More specifically, we focus in visual storytelling – where tastefully-crafted content and marketing strategy go hand-in hand.

Feel free to explore my site for recipe inspiration, marketing education, and content creation opportunities that will surely “cater” to your restaurant or food brand (what can I say, I love a good pun🤷‍♀️).

When I’m not marketing, you can find me posting creative tidbits on my lifestyle account, out-and-about with my baby boy (first-time mama, here!), or whipping up a fancy new recipe (wine included!) with my husband.

Oh, and P.S., for more on what’s happening over here BTS, be sure to say hi to me on Instagram! 

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Food isn’t just eating energy. It’s an experience.

We help food and beverage brands attract consumers through the power of visual storytelling.

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