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How to Batch Create Your Content Like a Pro

Listen: I know you don’t have time to work on your social media, email, and blog content all month long. In this post, I’m going to share some content batching basics with ya – so you can fix it, forget it and free up so much time to focus on your biz. You ready? Then, let’s dive into it!

What is content batching?

Glad you asked! In a nutshell, content batching is the process in which crank out a high-volume of content in one sitting versus doing a little each day.

Will content batching burn me out?

It totally can, BUT –not if you have the right systems in place. For example, I wouldn’t recommend creating all of your social media, YouTube videos, and blog posts in one day. That sounds really daunting , doesn’t it?

I do however, recommend identifying the high-level tasks that go into creating your monthly content and assigning one day a week for each task. This way, you won’t burn yourself out by doing everything at once and can keep the momentum going because you’re not bouncing around.

Why should I batch create my content?

Well, for starters –to get it over with! After all –and I’m sure you feel me–there’s nothing worse than chipping away at your Instagram content every few days –or worse –dropping everything you’re doing because you forgot to post. And that’s super counter-productive!

By batching your content, you’ll have plenty of time to plan out your strategy so it’s intentional and well aligned with your brand. Then all you have to do, is schedule and forget it so you can focus on other things in your business. It’s also helpful to have systems like this in place if you ever need to pass the baton to someone else on your team in the future.

How do I batch my content?

  1. Start by creating a system for completing each task
  2. Then, determine the timeframe it takes for each task
  3. Create a 1-week content batching schedule dedicated for each of those tasks

Content tools to help you stay on track

Want to take content batching to the next level? Then, let’s streamline the process by using the right tools:

  • Content management software like Trello
  • Social media scheduler + content automation
  • Pomodoro timer for staying on track!
  • Systems for all high-level tasks
  • A content batching schedule
  • A good planner or goal tracker

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