4 Tricks for Being Consistent on Social Media

You hear it all the time: “consistency is key when it comes to growing your social media presence.” But how, exactly do you go about showing up every day when you’re just not “feeling it” that day? Well say no more – I’m sharing my top tricks with ya, below!

4 Tricks for Being Consistent on Social Media

Have a Strategy

First thing’s first: if you want to be consistent on social media, it’s super helpful to have a strategy in place beforehand so you have some sort of direction as to what what the heck you’re doing each month. Not only is your strategy necessary in helping you grow, but it’s a great way to keep your social media content aligned with what your audience needs, as well.

Once you’ve nailed down a strategy, you’ll find that creating content for your social media channels becomes a bit easier because the ideas will come to you faster and posting on a regular basis will be no problem-o! πŸ˜‰

Not sure how to create a content strategy? Check out my top suggestions for getting started, here.

Plan Content Ahead

I can’t stress this one enough. If you want to show up on social media consistently, then you need to plan your content ahead of time. When you do this, there’s no more half-assed posts going out at the last-minute (IYKYK!). In fact, not only will planning ahead make you more consistent, but it also means your posts are more intentional and aligned with your strategy (ya know, so you actually meet those big biz goals of yours!).

And since content planning is kinda my jam, let me quickly run through my top tips for doing this with ya, below:

  1. Do your market research
  2. Create a content strategy
  3. Utilize a content management software to braindump ideas, create your content calendar, and to keep everything organized
  4. BONUS TIP: create workflows – for everything!
4 Tricks for Being Consistent on Social Media

Batch Your Posts

After you’ve planned out your social media, I highly encourage you to get into the practice of content batching. This is essentially the process in which you create a set of content in one sitting versus creating content every day. For example, maybe you dedicate the last Thursday of every month to creating graphics for the upcoming month.

This helps you stay consistent because, well, you’re always a step of the game! Because when your captions are drafted, graphics are designed, and videos are recorded in advance, it avoids the whole “posting on the fly” thing. And let’s face it: when you aren’t in the mood to post, the quality of your work tanks – and who wants to see that when there’s TONS of high-quality content out there to compete with?

PRO TIP: Create a batching schedule that actually works WITH your availability. This ensures you’re creatively charged and in the best head space to create your very best work!

Free content batching guide


Finally, if you haven’t by now – it’s time to get into the practice of what I like to call, “content automation.” This is where I would highly recommend taking advantage of an auto scheduler for your social media posts so you can batch, schedule, and publish those posts without having to do everything manually. This is another great way to stay consistent because, again, the work is already done ahead so there’s really no reason to not show up – even on those days where you’re just not in the mood! πŸ˜…

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4 Tricks for Being Consistent on Social Media
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