8 Content Creation Mistakes You’re Making

Are you guilty of making these common content creation mistakes? ๐Ÿคท No worries – here’s some quick fixes I’ve laid out for ya, below. Keep reading for more!

#1 No Niche

If you want an audience to come to YOU, then they need to see you as an expert in a particular area. So if your content varies from homemaking, to business, to pet care, and more – you could be confusing your audience as to what it is you’re an expert in! โ 

#2 No Audience

How can you convert an audience if you have no idea who they are? This is a HUGE thing a lot of us overlook during the content creation process – we post for everyone instead of our ideal person. So try this: the next time you post to your social media or blog, ask yourself “does this piece of content speak directly to my dream client?”โ 

#3 No Strategy

A strategy is super important to lock down BEFORE you create any content. Be sure you’ve clearly defined your business goals and your audience needs – otherwise, you’re just posting content for fun.โ  Have a strategy in place BEFORE you create any content

#4 No Consistency

Consistency is the best way to keep yourself front of mind when your audience is ready to buy or work with you. Make sure to post content regularly so they don’t forget about you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Content batching guide

#5 No Systems

Feeling like a tornado has taken over your office each time you create content? Then, you need to create a process for each task so you’re as organized and efficient as possible! There’s no time to waste in business!โ 

#6 No Plan

Create a content plan and schedule that you can easily manage AHEAD of time. This ensures you stay consistent and are posting content with a PURPOSE rather than on a whim.โ  My trick for planning content ahead? Batch creating everything in advance! You can grab my FREE GUIDE to learn how, here!

#7 Not Repurposing

It’s so easy to burn out creating content. Cut your time spent on content creation in half by repurposing your high-performing content across multiple channels – or, simply by tweaking and re-posting again. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me!

#8 Not Automating

If you ever plan on taking a breather from content creation, then you best get into the practice of content automation! This can look like scheduling everything from your Instagram posts and Pinterest pins ahead in Later, to scheduling out your emails and blogs to go out on certain dates. You’ll be so thankful when these go live on the days you’re not in the mood to post manually – trust me!

Ready to fix these common content creation mistakes? Well, then you’re in the right place! Inside my mini course, I’m diving into all these concepts so creating content for your biz is as breeze. Check it out, below!

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