6 Content Creation Systems You Need

Between the research and planning, to recording videos and designing social media graphics – there’s SO MANY PIECES that go into content creation (making it hard to keep things organized, to say the least!πŸ˜…). In this post, I’m breaking down the six systems you need to build today so your time spent on content creation is as streamlined and efficient as possible. Keep readin’ for the good stuff!

Content creation systems you need in your business

Why Do I Need Systems?

In short: content creation systems are necessary to avoid time wasted bouncing from task to task. When you have systems, you’ll have a repeatable process to follow each time you create content – so you’ll never feel like you’re starting from scratch again. Plus, systems are a great way to streamline your business in case you ever need to hire someone and want to pass the task off to someone else!

Creating Your Systems

Now before we get started, I thought I’d quickly run through some simple steps for creating your systems. It might even be helpful to grab a sheet of paper to write them out.

  1. Consider all the content creation tasks you perform on a monthly, weekly, or daily (but hopefully not LOL) basis. What do those tasks look like in your business? (suggestions are listed for you below!)
  2. Next, you’ll want to take note of the steps you take to complete each task
  3. Finally, record how long each task takes you to complete

If you’re fairly new to content creation, no worries! I’ve listed the top content creation systems I use for both myself and my clients, below. I’ve purposely listed these systems in order, too – so hopefully you find this helpful!

1) Monthly Reset

So, before you begin creating any content, I recommend spending a day reviewing the previous month’s activities. This can mean recording what type of content got the most engagement and what didn’t, or diving deep into your insights to see how you can improve your content moving forward. This is also a good day to do some market research, poll your audience, and tweak your content strategy, if needed.

2) Content Planning

After your monthly reset, the next step usually falls under the planning category. This can be anything from brain dumping your ideas into a spreadsheet, creating your content calendar for the month, searching for trending sounds, etc. Since this is such a big piece of content creation, really spend some time here to write down those workflows. What does content planning look like for you? How can you cut out unnecessary tasks so the planning process is more organized? This may take a few trial runs until you find the perfect workflow that works for you!

3) Content Creation

Next, you’ll want a system for actually creating your content. My secret? Content batching! This allows you to essentially create a set of content in one sitting versus creating content every day. For example, maybe you create a schedule where you dedicate each day to a particular content creation task. Then, each content creation task (like recording videos, graphic design, scheduling, etc.) has a little workflow of its own! For a closer look at how I do this, be sure to download my free content batching guide, below. Inside, I go over systems, too!

4) Media Organization

If your phone and Canva account are filled with random videos or unnamed files, then it’s best you get a system in place for organizing your media! This can mean cleaning up your iPhone camera roll and creating folders for all your Reels cover images or Tiktok drafts. Or, if your Canva account is a complete mess, you might want a process for storing graphics each month so you can easily locate them when it’s time to schedule.

5) Content Automation

Speaking of scheduling, I’m a huge fan of content automation – and I hope you become one, too! The truth is, us business owners don’t exactly have the time to post to Instagram manually every day or send an email blast out one by one. But with certain programs, it makes our lives much easier to create ahead, schedule, and forget about it. So if this is something you’re interested in, I highly recommend creating a process in which you spend a day scheduling everything in one fell swoop so you don’t have to worry about it!

BONUS: Content Repurposing

I just had to throw this one in here because A, I live for repurposing, and B, because if you’ve ever considered repurposing your content, then a system will only make it easier on you! For this system, it’s really going to be tailored towards what platforms you use, your frequency of posting, etc. A good example could be that for every Tiktok you post, you will also repurpose as IG Reels, Pinterest idea pins, and YouTube shorts. Or perhaps, you take every Canva image used for your blog and use the resizing feature to replicate similar pins, and Facebook graphics.

Well, there ya have it! The six systems I recommend having in place to streamline your content creation tasks from start to finish. Remember, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to your systems. It’s all about what works for you and your schedule so you’re being as efficient as possible!

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Content creation systems you need in your business

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