Featured Shoot: Craft Cannery & Guglielmo’s Sauce

Sauce in the making action shots for a local canning company - by Shauna Contois LLC

My latest shoot features some really cool shots of sauce in-the-making at Craft Cannery – and I’m not talking about just any sauce – I’m talking Rochester’s very own Guglielmo’s Home Grown Marinara!

Funny story with this. I actually met the owner, Paul Guglielmo way back when I just started my marketing career as a Marketing Assistant for an education organization I worked for – though I’m still not convinced he remembers that! ๐Ÿคฃ Pauly was a mentor for the program and would chat about his journey as a entrepreneur when he first started his sauce company.

โ When I reached out to him, he jumped on the opportunity!

Now, if you’ve been following me for a bit or even seen my work at all, you know styled food photography is my jam. So shooting in a manufacturing warehouse where I couldn’t touch anything or adorn in any way…well… let’s just say it was a creative challenge I was ready to take on!

This collaboration featured action-shots of machines pumping sauces into jars and whipping through conveyor belts, process shots of staff members prepping and pouring ingredients into steaming industrial sized pots, and even sealing, labeling, and boxing products that are ready to ship out.

Ready for the big reveal? Check out the highlight reel below!

The droolworthy highlight reel

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