Why You Should Mix Up Your Content

“I just don’t get it. My numbers are tanking but I haven’t done anything different.” Ah, the famous line I often hear in the biz industry when our content just isn’t working the way it once was.

In this post I’m sharing the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and diversifying your content – so it actually works for your biz. Keep reading for the tips!

Why You Should Mix Up Your Content

Everyone’s Perception is Different

Alright, friend – first thing’s first: people consume content differently. I repeat: PEOPLE CONSUME CONTENT DIFFERENTLY. This means that while some people respond well to videos, others may not. While some people prefer beautiful photography and others scroll right past it. People all absorb information in different ways, hence, why it’s super important as a business owner to mix up your content so you’re appealing to ALL of your audience and not just some.

Psst! Prefer to watch and learn? I have a short Tiktok video dedicated to this topic:

Think Like a Marketer

If you find that the content you’re posting isn’t resonating with your audience, you need to start thinking like a marketer to assess what type of content is working and what isn’t. Some things that can help are:

  • Reviewing analytics on each platform to see what type of content is getting the best engagement
  • Reviewing analytics on each platform to see what topics are getting the best engagement
  • Checking out which platforms are performing the best with your audience
  • Testing out new types of content, posting styles, frequency, etc. for a few months
  • Re-assess and change directions based on those results

Bottom line: digital marketing is always changing. As a business owner and a marketer, we need to stay on top of these changes so we’re always giving our audience the content they want to see. So, if it ain’t working – try mixing things up!

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Why You Should Mix Up Your Content

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