Holiday Marketing Ideas to Implement This December

Looking for some holiday marketing ideas to promote your online business or blog? Then, keep reading for 12 “merry” ways you can get festive with your fans!

12 Festive Holiday Marketing Ideas to Try This Year

Christmas marketing ideas to implement this holiday.

Give Your Brand a Holiday Makeover

It’s time to deck the halls, folks –well…your brand, that is! Consider giving it a little holiday makeover with a few tweaks to make it really sparkle. Some branding holiday marketing ideas you could try are:

  • Adorn your logo
  • Jazz up your website
  • Switch up your social media banners
  • Create a festive email header
  • Design seasonal packaging
  • Holiday-styled brand photography
Holiday Instagram Bundle

Email Exclusive Holiday Content to Your Fans

As I mentioned in a recent post, email is a fantastic way to deliver value to your audience. Think of your email list as some of your biggest fans –the people that actually want to hear from you and are looking forward to receiving your next offer or update. Be sure to share something a little extra special with them this holiday –whether it’s a gift guide, some of your favorite recipes, early access to your holiday offers, and more!

Host a Holiday Giveaway on Social Media

Well, you know what they say…‘tis the season for giving! And if you’re looking for a way to catch someone’s eye, a holiday giveaway is the perfect option! Not only will this strategy entice your current followers to engage with you, but it’s also a fun and festive way to introduce your brand to new people!

Now, there’s several ways you can run a giveaway, and it all really depends on what your goals are as a business. For example, smaller brands like a blogger that’s just starting out might want to partner up with other fellow bloggers to reach a larger audience, whereas a big-name company might run a giveaway on their own. Here’s a couple scenarios to give you an idea of what I mean:

Giveaway Examples

A New Blogger: A new food blogger partners up with several food bloggers to collaborate on a holiday giveaway for a KitchenAid mixer. Entry requirements are to follow all the host accounts on Instagram, like and save the giveaway post, and tag a friend in the comments for additional entries. Winner will be announced a few days before Christmas.

As you can see, this strategy is designed to give back and urge new people to participate and follow along –which is quite common in the blogging industry! (kind of a win-win, right?).  But newbies take note: if this is something you’d like to do, just be sure your giveaway is targeted to your ideal follower, otherwise, you could wind up losing them once the giveaway ends *womp womp*. In turn, a larger brand might simply:

Marketing ideas to implement this Christmas.

Big-Name Company: A big company decides to run a 12-days of Christmas giveaway. Their entry requirements are simple. Tag a friend in the giveaway post  you’re interested in, and a winner will be selected at random each day.

This approach is a great way to engage with your fans, give back, and have fun! (without the catch) Keep in mind, this format isn’t just for big companies –I’m just sharing some common examples. There’s also no set rules on how you do these, so get inventive and have fun with it!  

Holiday-Themed Social Media Content

Social media is a fun and interactive way to connect with your audience –especially around the holidays! Use your channels as a way to get your fans excited about the holidays (as well as your fabulous offers ?). Just remember, even though you have some pretty fantastic holiday sales happening, don’t oversell. This is your chance to get creative and weave those offers into your social content, so it doesn’t feel like your pitching to your audience day after day. Some fun ideas you could try are:

  • Holiday quotes and sayings
  • Christmas memes from your favorite holiday movies
  • Festive blog posts
  • BTS of your work parties or meetings
  • Holiday-themed contests or games

Want some more ideas for December? I created an entire content calendar of holiday post ideas just for you. Simply click below to grab it for free!

31 Days of Social Media: free holiday social media calendar

‘Tis The Season for Pinterest

If you’re on Pinterest, then you’re probably aware of the recent algorithm changes that have caused a decline in our numbers (BOO!!). But don’t give up on it just yet! It’s important as marketers that we learn to work with the algorithm, not against it (I’ve learned that the hard way!). And while you might be used to your current strategy, right now is the time to switch things up (after all, people are ALL OVER Pinterest for the holidays).

Pinterest Updates

Pinterest is pushing video and story pins now more than ever. They’re also encouraging the use of their native scheduler, rather than a 3rd party scheduler (is this the end for Tailwind? ☹). So, where to next? Well, we all know things change constantly –but for now, I recommend trying these things this holiday:

  • Try out Pinterest’s native scheduler
  • Manually pin each day
  • Less is more; Pinterest is hinting that they prefer you post more fresh content, rather than recreating new pins for old content (this could always change)
  • Play around with fun and festive pin animations, videos, and stories – I’ve gotten 1,000’s of impressions on my video pins within minutes!

If you’re looking for some new pin designs, you can easily animate my customizable templates if you have a Canva account!

Holiday marketing ideas to implement this year.

Run a Festive Promotion

Have a product or service you want to promote this holiday? Then, a catchy and festive promotion is the perfect holiday marketing idea. Need some inspiration? Here’s a few ways to promote your holiday offers below:

  • Run a ‘12 days of Christmas’ email campaign where you unlock a discount or special offer each day
  • Setup a Facebook ad to promote your special offer or discount
  • Send out a ‘deal of the day’ newsletter each day in December
  • Create a pop-up on your website for a holiday discount if the user signs up for your email list
  • Make a seasonal Google ads campaign
  • Create themed products or bundles at a discounted rate
  • Weave your offers into relevant blog posts
  • Declare a holiday hashtag to spread the word on social media

Tula Skincare is currently running some discounted bundles to give you an idea of how they’re promoting their products this holiday.

Tula Skincare has some fabulous holiday marketing going on right now.

Consider Participating in Blogmas

If you’re a blogger, then you’ve probably heard about Blogmas (Vlogmas if you’re a vlogger). Basically, Blogmas is a great way to showcase all your fabulous content and ideas each day during the month of December. These are usually are holiday-themed topics (go figure) that help your readers shop, cook, dress, etc. for the holidays.

Should You Participate?

Of course, the possibilities with Blogmas are endless, and it’s not always for everyone. I repeat, NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you can’t commit yourself to a well-written and valuable post each day (SEO keyword research and all), then maybe it’s not for you, and that’s totally okay!

Remember, the key to building a trusted audience is to provide them with valuable, high-quality content. If you can ensure you’ll deliver your very-best blog work, then Blogmas is a great holiday strategy for you! (tip: can’t commit to every day in December? Then, perhaps you can post  the12 days before Christmas instead!)

P.S. I created a fancy little guide filled with all kinds of Blogmas topics if you decide to go for it. Download it for free  below!

Blogmas Topic Ideas: free download

Partner Up with Your Favorite Charity

Have a favorite charity or cause you want to be a part of this holiday? Then, consider partnering up with them to show your support! This is a great way to get involved with your community, especially if the cause is something that aligns with your company’s core values. In terms of using this in your holiday marketing, you can let your customers know that a portion of sales will go towards a selected charity. You could also sponsor a charity, and in turn that organization will promote your brand to the community. Win-win!

Plan a Holiday “Special” for your Podcast, YouTube Channel, or IGTV

Here’s a fun one –a holiday series or special for your podcast, YouTube channel or IGTV! Heck, you could really do this for any platform, but I thought a video series could be really fun. I recommend rounding up your best holiday tips and tutorials for your holiday series and breaking them into mini episodes.

Types of Holiday Specials

For example, say you’re a beauty blogger and you want to do a holiday series on your YouTube channel that showcases a holiday makeup look each day of the week. Or maybe, you’re a marketing professional like me and want to prepare a miniseries on your IGTV of the top 10 marketing trends you anticipate for the new year.

Video is a fun and engaging way to get to know your fans, plus it’s always helpful in building those connections!

Host a Live Q&A or Holiday Training

If hosting live Q&As or trainings is already a part of your marketing strategy, then simply put a little holiday twist to it! Perhaps you tweak your current training to how your audience can overcome a common industry obstacle during the holidays. Or maybe, you want to open up the conversation to your viewers with a  live Q&A about a holiday topic of your choice.

Host a Virtual Event

Hosting virtual event is a really fun holiday marketing idea! Since we’re all pretty much living that #quarantinelife these days, it wouldn’t be unusual to go virtual for the festivities! Try getting your whole team involved and come up with some interesting ways to get people to “attend” –whether it’s free prizes, games or contests, recipe exchanges –the sky’s the limit! This is a fabulous way to network with potential customers and show them your holly jolly side.

Marketing ideas for this holiday.

Send Holiday Cards or Gifts to Clients

As a way to show your appreciation for your clients, you can’t ever go wrong with a personalized Christmas card or holiday goodie. While this might be a bit old school, I can’t see anyone complaining! Some ideas you could send are Christmas cookies, candy with your logos, holiday gift baskets, a small product of yours, wine or fruit baskets, poinsettias, personalized ornaments, and more!

Ready to Give These Holiday Marketing Ideas a Try?

Well, there ya have it! 12 holiday marketing ideas that will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree. Found this article helpful? Then, please share it with your friends or colleagues. Happy holidays!


P.S. Check out my favorite marketing tools and resources to help you implement the holiday marketing ideas above.

P.P.S. And here’s some festive pins you can share below! 😉

Holiday marketing ideas to implement this year.
Holiday marketing ideas to implement this year.

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