An in-depth guide for leveraging the holidays to drive more sales to your food and beverage business year-round!


Holiday marketing is crucial for your food biz.

And with good reason! In fact, not only is it the most lucrative time of year for your food business, but people actually begin searching for holiday ideas and planning their holiday meals and wish lists months in advance. So while you might feel silly planning your Christmas content in September, well… it’s actually a great strategy so you can publish it the moment your customers start looking for inspiration!

When it comes to holiday marketing, timing is everything.

Posting your content too late means it might get lost in the sea of holiday messages flooding the internet. And considering shoppers need to see your message nearly 7 times before they decide to make a purchase – this means you’ll run out of time if you market your products too late!

Holiday marketing isn’t just about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s not just about having a great Q4; it’s about maintaining a successful, year-round food business! Inside my Holiday Marketing Roadmap, unlock year-round success by leveraging every season to generate more buzz and revenue in your food business than ever before!

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Here’s what’s inside!

Content Production Schedule

My organized table of food holidays comes complete with suggested timeframes for planning, creating, and publishing content so you’re posting at the right time!

National Food Holidays

Discover my top national food holidays to keep the buzz alive throughout the year – not just in Q4!

Content Ideas & Prompts

Get inspired with monthly food themes and content ideas that your audience will love – plus AI social media prompts to save time!

Evergreen Content Calendar

Compliment your seasonal content with an evergreen plan, ensuring consistent engagement year-round!


And I’m a pro-trained food photographer with with over 12 years of culinary and marketing experience.

Here at, I help professionals in the food and beverage space reach their dream customers through the power of visual storytelling – where tastefully-crafted content and marketing strategy go hand-in hand.

I know Christmas is the busiest time of the year for your food biz. But what if I told you that you had the power to generate the same kind of buzz and revenue year-round?

Inside my Holiday Marketing Roadmap, I’m sharing the exact content production schedule I use to plan, produce, and publish my seasonal content so I’m posting at the exact moment my audience is ready to buy. Curious how it’s done? Snag your copy below!

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