How to Plan Your Content in Trello

Curious how to streamline the entire content planning process? Then, you’ll want to utilize a content management software to keep things nice n’ organized! Here’s how you can use Trello to plan all the marketing content for your biz!

How to Plan Your Content in Trello

What is Trello?

If you’re new to Trello, it’s basically a free list-making tool meant for organizing tasks. From managing due dates and keeping track of progress made on a project, to categorizing, sorting, and sharing with teammates – Trello is a handy program used by many entrepreneurs for a variety of business functions – and planning content happens to be my favorite!

Trello Features

When it comes to content creation, the main features you’ll probably be using are:

  • Boards: for managing an entire project
  • Lists: columns to sort tasks and measure progress
  • Cards: ideas where tiny details and notes can be added
  • Labels: colored tabs to indicate different categories
  • Calendar: to keep track of when content goes live

Getting Set Up in Trello

Now, it’s time to get set up in Trello! Let’s run through some simple steps below:

  1. Create a board and label it “braindump”
  2. Next, create lists for each content pillar you create content for
  3. Then, create another board and label it that month’s content calendar (eg. March Content Calendar)
  4. In this board, create lists labeled “topic,” “video,” “graphic,” “in progress,” and “complete”
  5. Finally, create labels for the type of content you plan on creating (eg. reel, carousel, Pinterest pin, etc.)

Planning Your Content in Trello

Once you’ve gotten bearings in Trello, it’s time to start planning and organizing your content! This is where having a simple workflow in place can help you tremendously so you’re as efficient as possible. In this case, I’m going to briefly walk you through my content planning workflow in Trello. This workflow will take you through the exact steps I take each month to go from random ideas and “notes to self” – all the way to a full blown out content calendar that’s ready to drop in your finished content. Take a look:

  1. First, use your content pillar lists to create cards with all your ideas
  2. Next, enter any notes or bullet points in the description of each card
  3. Tag each card with the type of content you will be creating for this topic
  4. Now, enter the date your content will go live
  5. Next, click each list and send the cards over to your content calendar board under the “topic” list
  6. Switch over to your content calendar board and enable the calendar powerup – this allows you to view all your cards on the calendar
  7. Now, sort all the cards by dragging the type of content into the appropriate column
  8. Sort it by due date
  9. You’re ready to start creating!

And there ya have it, friend! For the full video tutorial and done-for-you Trello templates, be sure to enroll in my self-paced mini course, below. I’m breaking everything down for you step-by-step inside!

Simplify content creation from start to finish with this self paced mini course

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How to Plan Your Content in Trello
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