5 Pinterest Myths, Debunked!

It’s no secret we love scanning our Pinterest feeds for the latest cookie recipes and fall fashion trends –but did you know you can also use Pinterest to grow your business? (hey, I see you scratching your head over there… ?) Well, it’s true! And since this may come as a shock to many, I whipped up this new blog post just for you. It’s Pinterest Myths, DEBUNKED, friends –and I’m breaking it down for you here.

Myth #1: It’s a Social Media Platform

Pinterest Myths, Debunked!
Pinterest is a visual search engine and organized by key words.

Think again! One of the most common misconceptions about Pinterest, is that it’s a social media platform. And while Pinterest has similar characteristics to many social platforms, it’s actually considered a visual search engine. So, get this –where likes and followers can help you grow on other platforms, your success as a Pinterest creator depends largely on the proper keyword optimization in your content. The key words you select should anticipate what your audience is searching for on Pinterest, so the smart feed will recognize your content and push it to the top of the results page.

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Myth #2 : The Content Creators are Limited to Bloggers and Influencers

Pinterest myths debunked
Pinterest creators can consist of many niches.

False! Pinterest can work well for many online businesses including coaches, online services, Etsy shop owners, and more. It’s also a great space for many niches including anything in the the health and wellness categories, the hospitality industry, business and finance, gardening –you name it!

Myth #3: You Have to Pay to Play

Pinterest myths debunked
You can still receive free traffic from Pinterest if proper strategies are in place.

Not necessarily! While I’ve seen great success with promoted pins, it’s also one of the best marketing tools out there to leverage traffic to your website FOR FREE. And hoping that organic growth continues to be just as successful in the future, you can count on it as a reliable and affordable way to grow your business…for now!

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Myth #4: Your Success as a Pinterest Marketer Depends Solely on The Number of Followers and Likes You Get

Pinterest myths debunked
Key word optimization contributes largely to your success as a Pinterest marketer.

Nope! As I mentioned previously, proper keyword optimization in your content contributes largely to your success on the platform. However, there’s always other ways to boost your presence! Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Set up your business profile for success
  • Be consistent by adding fresh pins to Tailwind each week
  • Manually pinning content, as Pinterest likes you directly on the platform, too!
  • Posting video and story pins to diversify your feed
  • Utilizing any new features Pinterest rolls out – they like to prioritize the content that takes advantage!
  • Join Tailwind Tribes or group boards to expand your reach
  • Create attractive and clear Pinterest graphics
Pinterest graphic templates to customize in Canva
Spend less time creating with these pretty plug-n-play Pinterest templates.

Myth #5: Pinterest Users are Only Searching for Hairstyles, Recipes, and DIY Ideas

Pinterest myths debunked
Pinterest users are searching for ALL kinds of things – like what to buy.

Not entirely! In fact, approximately 90% of its users are on it for planning PURCHASES and are searching for all kinds of things! So, what exactly does this mean for you as a content creator and marketer? It means, that out of its 400 million active monthly users, lies hundreds –even thousands of potential clients and customers on there searching FOR YOU. Now, go get ‘em!!

Approximately 90% of Pinterest users are using the platform for planning purchases. Click To Tweet

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There are many misconceptions when it comes to Pinterest marketing. In fact, many people don't realize it's a powerful marketing tool used to increase website traffic and grow your business. This is Pinterest myths, debunked!

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