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8 Ways to Provide Value to Your Audience

“Be a resource, not a sales pitch.” Ever heard that one? Keep reading…

In my experience with clients, one the biggest mistakes they make, is focusing on the PITCH and forgetting to provide the VALUE. So, here’s thing: VALUE builds trust. TRUST brings in sales. When you provide value to your audience through your content consistently, you become their go-to person for answers –an “industry expert” as they say. Once that trust is there, you’ll be FRONT of mind when it’s time to buy (uhhh… *cha-ching!*). Make sense?

Not sure how to provide value through your content? I’ve got you covered! Here are eight different ways you can serve your audience to build trust and land more sales.

Helpful Blog Posts

One of the absolute best pieces of content to provide value to your audience, is your blog. Your blog should give your readers an in-depth response to some of their most common questions. This is why knowing your target audience is so important –so you can offer information that either A), helps them solve a problem, or B), gives them a nudge in the right direction. Below are some of my most popular posts that address my audience’s most common problems:

Free Downloads

Because, who doesn’t like a good freebie?! Free downloads (aka, lead magnets) are not only great for building your email list, but they’re also another great way to provide value through your content. Your freebie can range anywhere from a checklist or detailed guide, an e-book or roadmap, free graphics, templates, and more. It should give your audience a little taste of your main offer and deliver value of some kind. Need an example? I have free content batching guide below that will knock your socks off:

Live Trainings or Q&A

If you have a knack for teaching and have a wealth of information you can’t wait to share, a live training or Q&A is the way to go! The great thing about this format, is that it gives your potential customers a chance to know you better. Perhaps you’d like to create a video training or even a voice recording with slides –this affords you the opportunity to showcase that vibrant personality of yours! Want to host a live Q&A on social media? Good idea! Some brands have great success doing it this way, as it can be powerful in building that trust in a more candid setting.

Entertainment That Inspires

Not only do you want to be seen as the expert in your field, but you also want to be relatable. Creating content that’s inspiring, relatable and entertaining tells your audience “I get you,” and that they can trust you like a friend. Be sure to mix in the occasional meme, quote, or funny GIF so you’re not just viewed an expert at what you do, but so you’re also likeable as a brand, a person. Let your audience know that you don’t only have the solution to their problem, but you have a kick-ass personality, too. ? Think about it this way: wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy from a brand that has a cool product and personality versus a cool product with a boring personality. Make sense?


Weekly Emails

Are you popping into your tribe’s inbox at least once a week? Email marketing is proven to have a massive ROI (about 3,800%, according to HubSpot) when compared to social media, and is an excellent way to not only provide value to your audience –but exclusive value, at that! Think of your email list as your biggest fans –the people that actually want to hear from you and are looking forward to receiving your next offer or update. Be sure to give them unique content that’s special to them for joining your list. For example, maybe you give your list early access to all your newest posts or giveaways. Or early access for your course or program. Just remember, don’t oversell to your list just because they “want” to hear from you. If anything, you should be nurturing those relationships the most, should anything happen to your social media followers (eek!). When it doubt, value, value and more value (is it possible over-serve? lol).

How-to Video or Tutorial

This. Is. HUGE. If you guys haven’t noticed lately, video content is where it’s at. From Instagram reels, to Pinterest video pinsthis is what the algorithms are pushing right now. And it’s not just the algorithms –your audience also loves video content! In fact, most of my popular content are videos, animations, and stories. Think quick tips, how-tos, and step-by-step instructions that solve your audience’s problems.

Thought-Provoking Social Media

This is probably pretty obvious, but always, always, always provide value in your social media content. I can’t tell you how many times a day I see a blogger or influencer posting a rather underwhelming photo with a caption that serves no purpose whatsoever. Ever heard the phrase, “quality over quantity?” Well, social media is no exception, folks. Your content should deliver value, entertainment, inspiration, and quick tips that your followers will want to share and save (which will help with your reach). You should also have a CTA aligned with every post to encourage conversation and to build that good rapport  with your followers. And remember, don’t oversell –that will just scare your followers away. I recommend creating content buckets (e.g. inspiring, promotional, blog posts, tips, etc.) and rotating each category throughout the week so they’re evenly spread out.

Infographics or Case Studies

Want to switch things up a bit? Infographics or case studies are another great way to provide value through your content. This is because it serves as a reference or guide as they sort through their problems. For example, maybe you know your audience struggles with staying consistent on social media, so you create an infographic that reflects the best days and times to post content. This is a valuable reference that they will probably look at more than once, which will be a subtle reminder to keep you in mind when it’s time to buy! Not much of a designer? Not to worry, Canva offers plenty of templates to help get you started.

Sooo… the question is: are making sure to provide value to your audience each and every day? Are you working hard to build that trust, so that you’ll be the first person they come to when they’re ready to buy? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to pin this post if you found it helpful!

8 ways to give your audience value
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