9 Ways to Show Off Your Food Product

When it comes to marketing your food products and services, it’s important to let your food do the talking. But in a world of oversaturated content, you may be wondering how on earth are you supposed to stand out!? Well, say no more – I’ve got nine ways to show off your food product that will help you break through the noise – so your ideal customers can’t help but give your products a try! Keep on scrolling for inspiration!

Styled Food Photography

Styled food photography - shaunacontois.com

This is probably the most obvious way to showcase your food products, but when done well – this could be all you need! Incorporating your dishes or products into a beautifully-styled scene or setting is a great way to capture the eyes (and belly!) of your ideal customer. Plus, styled shoots are perfect for capturing images for your marketing content, as they’re on-brand and can go a long way on your website, email, and social media feeds.

Flatlay Photography

Styled flatlay photography - shaunacontois.com

Flatlays really bring me back. In fact, these overhead shots are where I originally found my passion for photography! I would share products I used and style them carefully on a marble surface board with props and little trinkets I found around my home. Now, I like creating flatlays to highlight the ingredients in a recipe or to emphasize the hero subject in my shots. Flatlays also make for some great stock photos for your website, social media and email headers – and even desktop backgrounds!

Product Photography

If you’re a CPG or e-commerce food brand, this type of content is a must! Similar to the first two, but with a greater emphasis on your product. With these, I like to remove the distraction of too many props so we can really focus on the product itself. These can be photographed in or out of the package, usually with a clean white background so your product really pops! Perfect for your online store or if you need the product on its own so you can incorporate into a graphic design or mockup.

In-Recipe Shoot

In recipe food photography - shaunacontois.com

Do you have a recipe that your product tastes great in? Or maybe your restaurant is known for its famous eggplant parmesan! Whatever the case may be, know this: people love a good behind-the-scenes! Capturing the cooking process from start to finish is a great way to educate your customers and see a different side to your business. Plus, great marketing is all about telling a story so your audience feels connected to your brand – so what better way to do this than by sharing the story about your great grandmother’s “accidental” oatmeal bread recipe!?

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Short-Form Video

You know it, I know it – video is KING these days – and continues to evolve year after year! With short-form video, you can capture your audience’s attention from a different angle – which you should totally take advantage of considering The Rule of 7, aka, where someone needs to hear your message on average seven times before they actually take action. And if you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I’m all about repurposing your content – so video is a perfect way to do that! This can be done in the form of some good ‘ole fashioned B-roll, clips of the cooking process from different angles, timelapses, and more!

Stop-Motion Animation

I gave stop-motion a separate bullet point from video because even though it appears as a video, it’s created with a series of images. Plus, it’s a bit more complex and time consuming than a simple pan shot over a flatlay of ingredients. For me personally, I love the appeal of stop-motion content. It’s vintage, it’s fun, and it’s just a super creative way to manipulate your images and tell a story.

Mockup Graphics

Mockup graphics for food businesses - shaunacontois.com

Maybe your product is still in its testing phase and you have yet to create packaging. Mockup graphics are a great way to presell an idea to your audience before your product is even ready!

Lifestyle Food Photography

Lifestyle food photography - shaunacontois.com

Lifestyle food content can give your audience a better picture of how to serve or use your food product. This works especially well with personal brands – or as I like to call, “Foodfluencers” πŸ˜‰, or food establishments like restaurants, cafes, wineries, and more. One of the things I preach as a food content creator and marketer is that your food doesn’t just have to look good to attract customers – it has to highlight the overall experience it creates for them, too. Lifestyle food photography is a great way to do just that!

AI Image Mashup

Can you spot the difference…? πŸ€”

Ah, artificial intelligence – it’s such a hot topic at the moment. And as a food photographer and content strategist, I have some mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it’s taking over people’s jobs – and on the other, it’s making people’s jobs easier. Now, I’m not saying I’d ever condone an AI-generated food photo (yuck!), BUT, I do think it could tap into some creative routes that we as humans could never do (aka, like pouring liquid candy out of a coffee pot). That said, an AI image mashup could be a cool way to enhance an image for a campaign if needed. Like I said, AI isn’t going anywhere at the moment – so why not lean into it!?

Welp, that’s a wrap – nine great ways to show off your food product. I hope this inspires you to try some new content for your food or beverage brand this year!

Need help capturing your food content?

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9 ways to show off your food product - shaunacontois.com
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