3 Reasons You Need a Content Strategy

You Need a Content Strategy

Does the content you post help your business grow? If you’re over there shaking your head, then it’s probably time for a new content strategy – or to make one, if you haven’t already! Keep scrolling to find out why a solid strategy will drastically improve your content (and biz) game:

But First: What is a Content Strategy?

In a nutshell, your content strategy is designed to meet the needs of your business and your target audience. It’s the roadmap you follow as you begin planning and then eventually, creating your content, and is intended to keep you on track so everything you put out to the world has a purpose in some way.

Now that we covered the basics, let’s dive in a bit deeper as to WHY you need a content strategy for your business or brand.

What is a content strategy?

Why do I Need One?

1) A strategy will help you meet your goals

Before you can create a content strategy, you really need to nail down what it is you’re trying to achieve. Is it growing your audience? Increasing sales? Retaining customers? Whatever it may be, you’ll want to get clear on your long-term business goals so your content is laser-focused on helping you achieve them. Make sense?

2) A strategy will help you attract the RIGHT people

In addition to your business goals, you always want to keep your target audience in mind when you’re planning content. This means dedicating some time on market research until you truly understand what it is your ideal customer needs and wants.

This is a HUGE thing I’ve seen a lot of biz owners overlook during the content creation process – posting content for everyone instead of our ideal person. So try this: the next time you post to your social media or blog, ask yourself “does this piece of content speak directly to my dream client?”⁠ In fact, here’s a little checklist you can refer to the next time you hit publish:

4 things to do before you publish content
3) A strategy is essentially your guide to content creation

Creating content without a strategy is like building a house without the foundation. If you aren’t doing your homework from the beginning, you might as well be creating content for fun (and as a fellow biz owner, I’m sure you don’t have much time for that! 😉)

You see, your strategy is what will actually help you move your business FORWARD. It determines the type of content you post. Which platforms you’ll post on. The overall context. And, it ensures all your content serves a purpose so you’re not only serving your audience – but you’re meeting your business goals, too.

How to Create a Content Strategy

How to create a content strategy

Not sure how to lay out your content strategy? Here’s a couple steps if you’re just getting started!
Set Your Goals: What does your biz need the most attention on right now? Getting clear on your end goal will allow you to tweak your strategy to better align with these goals.

Understand Your Audience: The better you know your audience, the easier it will be to create content that speaks directly TO THEM.

Marry These Concepts Together: Determine how you can create content that will not only meet your business goals, but so that it’s serving your ideal customer as well.

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You Need a Content Strategy
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